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Biden says he has ‘practically’ declared a climate emergency

President Biden in a new interview says he has ‘in practice’ declared a national climate emergency, though he has not actually announced such a declaration. 

A national emergency declaration on climate change is a specific tool the president has at his disposal that would unlock other powers related to climate change. 

Experts told The Hill last year that these powers could range from using the Defense Production Act to provide loans to bolster climate-friendly energy sources and to prevent oil exports.

Asked by The Weather Channel in an interview that aired Wednesday about whether he was prepared to declare a national climate emergency, Biden responded that he had “already done that.”

“We’ve conserved more land. We’ve…rejoined the Paris Climate Accord,” he said, also appearing to allude to legislative accomplishments.

Pressed on whether he had declared it, Biden responded “in practice” and “practically speaking.”

The White House has not actually announced any such declaration. Biden had appeared poised to do so last year, when it appeared that talks over his climate, tax and health care bill had stalled.

Many climate activists have called for the climate emergency declaration, both in recognition of the seriousness of the problem and so that more tools could be used to combat it. 


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