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Billy Porter: ‘I have to sell my house’ because of Hollywood strikes

Actor Billy Porter claimed over the weekend that due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, he has to sell his house. 

In an interview with the Evening Standard published Sunday, Porter told the news outlet that he has to refinance his values due to the strike, adding that he was scheduled to work on several film and TV projects next month. 

“Yeah! Because we’re on strike. And I don’t know when we’re gonna go back [to work],” Porter told British outlet Evening Standard. “The life of an artist, until you make f‑‑‑ you money — which I haven’t made yet — is still check-to-check.”

“None of that is happening. So to the person who said ‘we’re going to starve them out until they have to sell their apartments,’” Porter added, referencing a Deadline story in which an unnamed Hollywood executive said as much. “You’ve already starved me out.”

Porter, who starred in FX series “Pose,” shared his concern that actors currently don’t have the ability to receive residuals payments from streaming services. He also expressed his anger toward Disney CEO Bob Iger, who has received backlash from many for his recent comments saying that striking writers aren’t being realistic with their demands. 

“I don’t have any words for it, but: f‑‑‑ you,” he told the outlet. “That’s not useful, so I’ve kept my mouth shut. I haven’t engaged because I’m so enraged. I’m glad I’ve been over here.”

“But when I go back I will join the picket lines,” Porter continued. “If this sounds like, well, a millionaire trying to get more millions, Billy Porter has news for you. I have to sell my house.”

Porter’s remarks come after SAG-AFTRA — a union that represents more than 160,000 actors, announcers, journalists and other artists — voted to strike last month after negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers failed. The union is seeking better wage increases and working conditions for its members. 

The SAG-AFTRA strike coincides the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. WGA, a union that represents more than 11,000 professionals in the entertainment industry, launched its strike earlier this year in an effort to get better compensation for content produced for streaming services.


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