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Chris Crispy: Trump Deep Frys Nemesis Christie With More Brutal Fat Jokes

Donald Trump again slammed former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over his weight and mockingly chided an audience member for calling him a “fat pig.”

Trump’s comments came during a campaign rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

Following an assessment of polling in the 2024 presidential election, Christie was roasted seemingly out of nowhere.

“Christie, he’s eating right now, he can’t be bothered,” Trump said, knowing the odds of him being right were astronomical.

“Sir, please do not call him a fat pig. That’s very disrespectful. Don’t call him – see, I’m trying to be nice,” Trump continued, pointing out into the crowd.

It’s unclear if somebody did actually call Christie a “fat pig” from the crowd, or if it was part of the planned or free-styled mockery.

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Trump ‘Defends’ Christie From Being Called A Fat Pig

Trump has repeatedly blasted Christie bigly over his weight, making it very unlikely that he randomly defended him against an audience member calling him a “fat pig.”

Just last month, Trump called his GOP rival “sloppy” and a “total loser” while Christie fired back by accusing the frontrunner for the GOP nomination of being a “coward” for reportedly skipping early primary debates.

Actually, it’d be a bit much to call it a rivalry.

Christie gets an occasional rib in here and there, but usually gets sautéed by the former President over and over again.

Trump also braised Christie by posting a doctored video of him speaking to supporters from an all-you-can-eat buffet.

“And I wondered what our choice was going to be,” Christie says in the video, which were legitimate comments he made during an announcement that he would indeed be running for President. “Were we going to be small or were we going to be big?”

The video, however, featured a photoshopped arm holding up a plate of food as Christie peers out across the buffet.

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Christie Trends On Social Media

If, as Trump says, Christie is eating right now, it’s perhaps best for everyone involved. For when his mouth is empty, he’s busy saying incredibly stupid things.

Like this stance on the Ukraine war, in which he argues that America and American taxpayers haven’t done enough.

“Two-thirds of the audience that I had was very supportive of my position on Ukraine, which is that we haven’t done enough,” he told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

A CNN poll shows Christie is very much in the minority, as far more than half of Americans oppose additional funding for Ukraine in their war against Russia.

Christie met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last week, bringing him flowers and hand-written lyrics from Jon Bon Jovi.

Because John Kerry and James Taylor weren’t available apparently.

Trump’s fat-shaming comments about the former governor led to his name trending on social media. Last week, the phrase “White Lizzo” was also trending on Twitter, yet another reference to Christie and quite possibly the funniest thing we’ve ever heard.

It really can’t get much more embarrassing for Christie than that!

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