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Cielo Cautivo’s “Calles de Nueva York” Gets the Final Polish from Two Industry Giants



Latin music aficionados, hold onto your headphones! Cielo Cautivo‘s much-anticipated single, “Calles de Nueva York,” is undergoing its final touches, and the maestros behind its polish are none other than Cooper Anderson and Juan De Sedas.

Having mixed tracks for legends like Rick Ross, John Legend, Ariana Grande, and FUN, Cooper Anderson’s signature touch ensures a soundscape that’s both contemporary and timeless. Anderson’s knack for amplifying the soul of a track is renowned, making him the perfect fit for Cielo Cautivo’s vibrant and rhythmic masterpiece.

Juan De Sedas, the mastering engineer who has worked on projects for global sensations like Shakira, Farruko, Elvis Crespo, Gente De Zona, and Pitbull, will be mastering “Calles de Nueva York.” Juan’s portfolio is a testament to his versatility. From collaborating with top-tier artists like David Bisbal and Olga Tañon to nurturing rising talents like Jessie Reyez and La Ross Maria, De Sedas’s golden touch has consistently translated to millions of online views and chart-topping success.

An exciting snippet to watch out for in the song is the “ta-ta-ki-ta” segment, which promises to become the next viral sensation on digital platforms. The catchy and infectious rhythm of this fragment has the potential to inspire a viral dance challenge, positioning “Calles de Nueva York” not just as an auditory hit, but a visual sensation on social media platforms as well.

It’s evident that with both Anderson and De Sedas on board, “Calles de Nueva York” isn’t just another track—it’s set to be an anthem. Their combined expertise, paired with Cielo Cautivo’s unique fusion of genres and authentic lyrical storytelling, promises a musical treat that will resonate globally.

As the release date of October 6th draws closer, fans and music enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting what promises to be a melodious blend of Latin rhythms, Afrobeats, and undeniable global appeal. “Calles de Nueva York” is not just a song; it’s an event, a celebration of music that bridges cultures and transcends boundaries.