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Disney Lorcana Cards Are Already Selling for Hundreds of Dollars

Magic: The Gathering competitor Disney Lorcana doesn't officially launch until August 18, but cards are already selling for several hundred dollars.

Disney Lorcana, which brings the likes of Mickey Mouse, Lilo and Stich, and Frozen's Elsa into one cohesive trading card game, went on sale early at Gen Con, North America's largest board game convention.

As reported by ComicBook, those who attended the event and found some of the rarest cards — special Enchanted variants that aren't guaranteed in an entire box of 24 booster packs — are selling them on eBay for hundreds of dollars.

An Enchanted version of Sleeping Beauty's Aurora sold for $250, a Stitch sold for $325, and Elsa sold for as much as $750. Prices are currently fluctuating greatly, though, as no collector knows the true value of these cards, or exactly how often they appear in booster packs.

The full release of Disney Lorcana hasn't happened yet, meaning the market hasn't settled either. The same Enchanted Simba is listed by different sellers for $350, $1,000, and $2,500, for example, and the final value could be $30, $5,000, anywhere in between, or much more down the line. There is no way to know.

Trading card games are known for high price tags on the most collectible pieces, and most high level play includes "necessary" or "staple" cards that can cost several hundred dollars each. These Enchanted cards are deliberately rare, collectible variants though, meaning they'll naturally be the most expensive pieces in standard Disney Lorcana sets.

A set of cards exclusive to last year's D23 will likely forever be the most expensive pieces in the game though. These six cards — Mickey Mouse Cruella De Vil, Elsa, Captain Hook, Maleficent, Robin Hood, and Stitch — were selling for $2,000 during the event, but less than a year later are now listed at $20,000. Even this could seem like pennies in a few years if the game kicks off.

Magic: The Gathering is perhaps most infamous for this, with a recent Lord of the Rings set producing a $2 million card based on The One Ring. Other highly sought after cards sold for several hundred thousand dollars too.

In our preview of Disney's take, IGN said: "Overall, the Disney Lorcana TCG is an enjoyable game to play casually. It has beautiful card art, makes excellent use of the Disney library, and offers simple and briskly paced gameplay."

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelance reporter. He'll talk about The Witcher all day.

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