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Hillary Clinton tells Rachel Maddow: Trump indictments mean ‘the system is working’

Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the indictments handed to former president Trump this year is evidence of the American judicial system at work.

“I don’t know that anybody should be satisfied. This is a terrible moment for our country to have a former president accused of these terribly important crimes,” Clinton said during an appearance on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC program Monday. “The only satisfaction is that the system is working. That all of the efforts by Trump and his allies and enablers to try and silence the truth and undermine democracy have been brought into the light. And justice is being pursued.”

Trump this week faces a fourth possible indictment in Georgia stemming from his alleged efforts to overturn the state’s 2020 election results.

A grand jury turned over to the court 10 indictments late Monday evening in the case, though it was immediately unclear if Trump was named in the documents or what the charges contained within are.

Trump has already been indicted in New York, Florida and Washington, D.C., relating to his business dealings, handling of classified documents and efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Clinton ran for president against Trump in 2016 and lost, on the campaign trail repeatedly painted Trump as having dictator-like tendencies and arguing that the Republican is a threat to American democracy.

The former Democratic nominee for president joked at the end of her interview with Maddow about having her appearance pushed until later in the hour as the network covered breaking news of the grand jury indictment on Monday evening.

“I really appreciate you being here tonight, I apologize for it being in the middle of this news,” Maddow said, prompting a laugh from Clinton.

“Yeah, I never would have guessed it, but here we are,” she replied. “I was going to say, just tell me when to show up the next time, we’ll see what he’s charged with then.”


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