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Ohio Democrats celebrate rejection of Issue 1 seen as threat to abortion rights effort

Ohio Democrats celebrated the results of Tuesday’s special election, in which voters rejected a ballot measure that would have made it harder to amend the state constitution – a major win for Democrats and reproductive rights advocates.

The resolution, known as Issue 1, attempted to raise the voting threshold to pass a constitutional amendment up from a simple majority to at least 60 percent. This month’s special election on the proposal, which sparked bipartisan backlash, came ahead of a ballot measure in November that aims to enshrine abortion rights into the state’s constitution.

Though Issue 1 did not mention abortion in the text, Democrats argued the proposal was meant to stifle the upcoming November ballot measure.

“F’ing BOOM!!!” Former Rep. Tim Ryan posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter after the news of the possible rejection came out.

Ryan also posted a photo of what appeared to be a Margarita drink, with the caption: “A little tequila to celebrate? I think so….” 

Current U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown said in voting against Issue 1, voters “rejected special interests” and “demanded that democracy remain where it belongs – in the hands of voters.”

“That is what has always guided me,” Brown posted on X. “I am proud to stand with Ohioans in this fight.”

In another post on X, Rep. Greg Landsman of Ohio’s 1st District simply stated that democracy “won” in Ohio Tuesday night. 

Another House member, Rep Emilia Sykes of Ohio’s 13th District, thanked “organizers and volunteers” in Ohio for their work against Issue 1. She said they made the win of the anti-Issue 1 campaign “possible.”

“Thank you all!” she posted on X.


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